Roof Repairs and Checkups Are Essential

Home’s in northern states will get bombarded with snow, ice, wind, and continual thaw and freeze conditions. This will affect your roof by causing severe and sometime hidden damage. As a result you roof could then leak when heavy spring rains come. If you do not get a check up on your roof and get the recommended repairs you could end up spending thousands of dollars more to repair other parts of your home due to water damage.

Older roofs are more vulnerable and require more checks and repairs. This is because the shingles have been broken down from years of abuse from mother nature. Even if you still have years left on your warranty, you may need to get repairs done to get the most of your roof. Roof repairs are most of the time mandatory.

Some repairs that need to be fixed are due to loose and missing shingles that have been damaged from winter winds. Shingles get fragile when cold which will result in breakage when hit by high winds. Flash repairs are important too, because sealants, caulk, and exposed nails can fall apart and dry out over time. If you do not get this repaired regularly water will begin to come through and result in major leaks. The worst areas for this is around skylights, chimneys, and places where shingles butt up to walls. These are all areas that need to be looked at before the rain filled spring months.

A checkup for your roof will general cost between $200 and $500. You will want to hire a respectable roofing contractor or company that is able to provide references of past projects. There references should be recent and you will want to contact them to make sure they are legit. Most of the time if the checkup leads to repairs, the company will not charge you for the checkup. You will want to ask about this in advance so you do not pay more than you anticipate.

When getting a checkup done on your roof you will want to make sure that they look in the attic as well. The underside of a roof tell the story of what is going on with your roof. Everything shows in the attic whether it is stains or rust from nails coming through, or wet insulation from leaks. Most of the time this is an accurate telling of what needs to be repaired.

Eave troughs will also be something you will want to pay attention to when you have a spring tune up. Water can get backed up in the eaves because plugged drainage. When water collects it will freeze in the winter months which will cause it to expand and move the eave troughs.

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