Great senior living can be a challenge to find. Fortunately, there are resources available that make finding a suitable home for a senior manageable and seamless. One of the most important factors is relatability. Is an individual comfortable living where they are? One way to achieve this is to find a home that reflects a past home in some way, which is why The Avenues provides ten total floor plans for families to review. Below are just a few, as well as what they have to offer.

The Michigan: Square Living

The Michigan is notable for two main features. It is almost an exact square, which is different than many of the other floor plans that have a more elongated design. Secondly, it is two bedrooms at 1,056 square feet in total. This is a spacious home. The entrance has people coming in from the right corner into a quaint dining or entrance room. This leads to a wide open and gorgeous main living area which acts as the centerpiece of the entire space. In each corner lies a different building, laving a very symmetrical layout that is great for organization.

The Madison

The Madison has a peculiar attribute. It features two bedrooms and one and a half baths, one of the only layouts to do so. The main living area is also divided and spread throughout the home as it conforms to the edges of the bedrooms. Specifically, the entrance opens up to a dining hall or living room extension. It goes further back to an open TV area, which is the core of the home and the main area of entertainment. It is not one massive main area, but is slightly pressed into by the bedrooms which rest in each corner.

The Avenues provides many options for families to explore exactly what suits their loved ones needs. This variety is established to give options, but also to make sure individuals find exactly what they find comfortable and cozy. Most seniors in Broomfield can find a strong attachment to what they have related to in the past, going beyond just the floor plan and into the decor and design.

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