Foundation repairs by the homeowner usually turn into a disaster because the leveling process that is required is very difficult to do. More damage can be done by the homeowner who can raise the house too high in one spot causing the floor to buckle or the walls to crack. Let the professionals deal with the problem and you won’t have to worry.

The foundation repair professionals need to asses the soil condition since they will be placing cement support bases on the dirt which they expect will not sink in from the weight placed on them. The design and manufacture of these plates is essential to the effective foundation repair.

If the Pier and Beam support system is used it will require a professional to determine the spacing of the system to ensure that the correct amount of support is added where it will accomplish the task. This is a science and it requires training and experience to be able to do the work.

San Antonio is fortunate to have the skilled technicians that it does because they are capable of repairing any foundation. Some foundations are in such bad shape that they cannot be easily repaired. These need a lot of work and skill which is available from Foundation Repair Pros.

Part of repairing the foundation is fixing any problems which have caused the foundation to weaken. Gnerally, these are unstable dirt conditions brought about by the alternating drought and wet conditions. Poor water drainage from landscaping which causes water to flow toward the house rather than away from it is a problem which puts water into the dirt supporting the foundation and the house.

An inadequte gutter system will result in the same problem. The water runs down the walls from the roof and into the soil around the house or under the house. A roof drip edge is not going to help if it doesn’t deflect the water into gutters. The drip edge often wears out and then it fails to do its job.

A foundation repair company will be doing its job if it tells you what caused the foundation to fail. It could be any number of issues related to water and unstable soil as well as termites eating at wood beams or girders.

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