When people are involved in car accidents, particularly if it is their first experience, they often feel a great deal of fear. They are afraid of physical damages done, but they are also unsure as to what they are supposed to do. People who witness car crashes should pull over to the side of the road and immediately dial 911. They want to make sure that the proper authorities are on the scene as soon as possible in the event of injuries. The individuals in the accident may have been knocked unconscious, or they may be trapped in their cars without access to a phone.

If people are able to do so, they should call the police after a car crash. They want to make sure that an appropriate report is filed. Some people will say that they would rather deal directly with the other individual. However, that is not always a smart idea. If the other person provides a fake name and number, then he or she will get away with it. Contacting the appropriate authorities is always best. Some people refuse medical attention on the scene, but it is highly advisable that they visit the hospital for a check-up. They may have damage below the surface that they cannot see. For example, if they are bleeding internally, that could prove fatal.

Individuals also need to exchange insurance information with each other. Handling the issue privately can lead to people getting scammed. Also, individuals want to make sure they have all of the details documented. For example, one driver may sue the other driver for damages to his or her being, but building a case is going to prove substantially more difficult when some or all of the appropriate information is unavailable. People may need to call a towing company to bring their cars to a lot. If the car is safe to drive, they can hold on to it until the time comes to take care of repairs. When individuals are involved in an accident, they can also ask the police officers and their insurance agents what they should do next.

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