One of the most common reasons people refuse the services of a lawyer is because of the cost. Unfortunately, in some circumstances, this decision can easily cost the individual more than what they might have spent on professional assistance. Family law is one area where good advice is priceless. Here are a few ways they are able to help.

Keep More Possessions

A Utah divorce attorney will do everything legally possible to ensure that there is a fair division of property. They help their clients to retain items they owned prior to the marriage as well as insist on at least an equal share of everything purchased after the vows. Considering everything could be at risk, including retirement plans, there is often a lot to lose if the case is not handled properly.

Protect Custody Rights

Custody battles can drag on for years. This is never beneficial for anyone involved, so having an attorney that will help to get the matter settled quickly, with fewer court dates will save everyone time and money. Since it is not uncommon for hearings, meetings and mediation to occur during a work day, eliminating months or years of disagreements can be a substantial savings.

Fight for Support

Parents need to stay determined to do whatever is needed to avoid raising their children in poverty. Statistics show that children in non-married households are much more likely to suffer from poverty than those in married households. In many of these homes this is because the parent has not been firm about demanding adequate child support. An attorney will ensure that the custodial parent will get the maximum amount allowed by law, helping to reduce the risk of the family struggling in the future.

Most divorce cases, particularly when children are involved, are contentious. It is emotional and frightening to suddenly be at odds with someone who once meant so much. This type of betrayal or disappointment leads to anger and bad decisions. Avoid having this type of situation become something that continues to cause pain years later. Contact an attorney for a consultation to learn more about how they work to protect their clients.

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