If you need a mixing tank that meets the highest industry standards, look no further than White Mountain Process. White Mountain creates the highest grade mixing tanks for the bio-pharmaceutical market. These mixing tanks can be used for bio-pharmaceutical needs or for other high grade mixing needs. Each of their tanks meets industry leading standards while featuring clean designs.

White Mountain’s sanitary process vessels and cGMP style mixing and agitation devices are created for a wide variety of different applications. They are made primarily for pharmaceutical mixing. However, they can be used for different applications, as well. They are well suited for media make up, buffers, vaccines and other biotechnology products.

All White Mountain process tanks are made to meet all leading industry standards. Their sanitary vessels are made from FDA-compliant polyethylene, FDA polypropylene or USP VI polypropylene. These materials are approved for sanitary mixing and blending. Additionally, these materials do not allow for any metallic leaching into your solutions. Their process tanks are also made to meet the highest bio-pharmaceutical and cGMP standards.

White Mountain’s high standards extend into their design, as well. All of their designs were created to reduce the chance of anything contaminating your solution. There are no deadleg fittings or low profile flush mounts on their tanks to make sure there is no structure protruding to collect particulates. Their vessels and tanks are made to prevent microbial growth by having no crevices, welds or seams. The tanks are made from a solid piece using a custom construction process to produce the cleanest environment for mixing solutions.

White Mountain even makes the cleaning process easy. All of their tanks and vessels are equipped with clean-in-place technology. Clean-in-place spray balls and nozzles are attached to their tanks and vessels to allow for easy cleaning and sterilization. Their tanks are designed to make the mixing process both clean and efficient.

If you need a mixing tank or vessel that meets the highest industry standards, contact White Mountain Process. All of their tanks and vessels exceed industry standards, providing you with a clean and sterile environment for all of your mixing needs.

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