Could weight lifting gloves improve your ability to lift? There is a lot of debate about this touchy subject. There are people who swear by their gloves and wouldn’t be caught dead without them, and then, there is the group that makes fun of the glove wearers.

The concept of wearing gloves to perform rough on the hands tasks is not a new one. Gloves are worn the world over in many industrial occupations, including but not limited to; construction work, laborers, nurses, doctors, factory workers, janitors, and even loggers wear gloves to protect their hands from contamination or abuse. It should be no surprise, then, that many lifters prefer to wear gloves to protect their hands and wrists during heavy lifts.

Good quality weight lifting gloves come equipped with heavy wrist straps that act as an extra support system by mimicking the tendon structure of the wrist. The stabilization mechanism increases the maximum amount of weight that can be lifted by preventing the wrist from buckling under the pressure if the demand is too great.

Gloves have several other functions as well. They prevent the development of large calluses, and the painful blisters and sore spots that are the precursors thereof, and by proxy, prevent the trauma of having a callus ripped off during a lift. Gloves pad the palms of the hands by decreasing the pressure on the palms, thus preventing the skin from becoming sore during lifts. Hands sweat during workouts; gloves offer a better grip on the weights, increasing the overall duration of a workout. The gloves also prevent the lifters hands from getting sore during a weight lifting session. This change moves the brunt of the load onto the muscles where it should be, instead of on the hands of the lifter.

There are many benefits of using weight lifting gloves. They can protect the delicate wrist tendons from damage, the hands from soreness, and the fingers and palms from callus buildup, provide a better grip when sweating during the workout, and potentially increase overall muscle gain by putting the load on the muscles where it belongs. Those who poke fun at the glove wearers may not realize the benefits they are missing out on by refusing to wear weight lifting gloves.

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