Sometimes, education is more than a little challenging. It becomes a test in patience and endurance to learn all the required bits of information to be successful in a particular class. Often times, tutoring is a more than logical option to get that major edge in the class that is needed to pass with flying colors.

The best tutors are educated about the topic they are teaching. But honestly, tutoring is so much more involved than that. It incorporates things such as establishing an emotional connection, being able to relate to people, and being transparent.

1. A Website

It seems a little taboo to do just about anything nowadays without having some type of web presence. Whether a tutor has a website or not will not solely determine their quality as a tutor, but it is a decent indication of how seriously they take it. Many tutors work for a small company, and perhaps do not have their own website. But the company they work for should provide them some type of personal page. If it comes down to it, request to speak with the tutor in advance over the phone to learn about their credentials.

2. Enthusiasm for Learning

How interested in learning is the tutor? Do they see this as more of a business or more as a passion? The perfect thing to find is a balance between business professionalism and hobbyist enthusiasm. Truthfully, many people turn to tutoring because of their love for teaching and learning. So what is their enthusiasm levels, and how is their curiosity for meeting the student?

3. Do They Offer Teaching Styles

A first encounter is always rather important before establishing any kind of long term tutoring schedule. To determine if the tutor is great, ask a few questions to see how inquisitive they are. After the student and tutor have an initial session (whether it be just a meeting to get to know one another or an actual teaching session) they should be able to assess some general strategies for teaching that fits the student.

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