Several options are possible for creating aromatherapy, one of which is to use high-quality candles made of scented candle wax. A person might do some research on which scents are known to be useful for certain effects, or might simply choose aromas that are personally pleasing. An enormous number of fragrances are available, such as lemongrass, fresh linen and olive blossom.


Lemongrass is considered to be a clean, fresh scent. It’s helpful for easing anxiety and stress, and for boosting a person’s mood. After a tough day at work or during a difficult emotional time, lemongrass brings a feeling of optimism and the sense that everything will be all right. Even when not used for aromatherapy, it simply provides a light, pleasant fragrance to a room.

Fresh Linen

To complement the fresh, clean aroma of lemongrass, candles with a scent of fresh linen are delightful to set alongside on a shelf or table. They are likely to bring back memories and generate contented feelings of nostalgia. A person might think back to childhood, remembering clean laundry hanging on the clothesline on a sunny day. The scent of fresh linen also might remind someone of holiday dinners at a grandparent’s home, when fine tablecloths and napkins were brought out from the cabinetry.

Olive Blossom

Most people aren’t as familiar with olive blossom as they are with the fruit and the oil. Like all fruit trees, however, they blossom long before the fruit is ripe and ready to be picked. Like lemongrass, olive blossom is a light, clean scent, only with a floral note rather than a citrus one. In aromatherapy, olive blossom is considered to be energizing and invigorating, and it helps balance mood.

Concluding Thoughts

The best candles do not include cheap wax and oil, and they do not have lead in the wicks. A good choice is a candle made with natural soy wax, premium oils and cotton wicks that are easily trimmed. A brand such as Old Factory Fresh & Clean supplies candles with these features and provides products with olive blossom, fresh linen and lemongrass fragrances in a themed gift set.

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