Brian David Crane is an entrepreneur, consultant, weekend sports enthusiast, and general adventurer. His success building and selling several multi-million dollar businesses allows him to travel and do his work in cities across the world. An object lesson in the success that can be had by taking risks, Brian injects confidence, enthusiasm, innovation, and community into every aspect of his life. He often travels with a group of his closest friends, engaging them in the thrill of adventure and the creativity necessary for successful business ventures.

Brian’s business accomplishments are too numerous to list completely. Below are a few highlights from his short but highly successful career.

  • As a young teenager, Brian turned a minor disappointment into profit. When his father brought home a riding lawnmower instead of a coveted bicycle, Brian did was any auspicious youth would do: start a business with it! His Windridge Lawn Care showed the earliest signs of his ability to brand products and services, generate leads, and convert them.
  • At the age of 16, Brian co-founded Cash4Cartridges USA with a friend. Never one to quit a project before it was finished, he nurtured the company to substantial growth for the next seven years. During this time, he was at the University of Tennessee, then abroad in Argentina. Afterwards, he sold the company at a substantial profit.
  • Brian then relocated to Silicon Valley to work at Inflection. While there, he became an expert in web properties and digital brands. He developed, which was bought by for $300 million USD in just three short years. He also developed, one of the most heavily-trafficked ammunition sites in the United States.
  • As he has gained greater mastery of the technology market, Brian has been hard at work in the world of mobile apps. One of his most successful is CallerSmart, an app that keeps caller ID information for everyone up to date. It has received accolades from Buzzfeed, Google Play, and the Apple App Store.
  • After selling off most of his possessions and embracing a holistic lifestyle, Brian has become able to travel the world looking for the very best business opportunities. Wherever the business action is, he is there, too!

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