One product that has gained a lot of interest from people of all ages are energy drinks. While they may seem harmless, the large amounts of sugar and caffeine can have detrimental side effects on a person’s health. While tea and coffee can help give a boost without these issues, they may not deliver energy that is long lasting. Instead of reaching for these commonly found items, consider using matcha green tea. It not only helps increase energy levels, but it can boost focus and metabolism as well. Anyone looking to increase energy and overall health should consider using matcha green tea powder in one of the following ways.

Baked Goods

What most people don’t know is that matcha green tea powder can be used in baked goods. While it does have a mild flavor, most bakers find that incorporating it into granola bars, cookies and cakes can add a hint of freshness and a host of health benefits. Make that slice of cake or that extra cookie healthful by incorporating matcha into the batch. It will transform any sugar laden goodie into a delicious and nutritious treat.


A great way to phase away from drinking coffee is to create a matcha green tea latte to enjoy every morning. By using fresh steamed milk and other seasonings, it is possible to create a delicious morning beverage that will give a boost of energy without the afternoon crash accompanied by caffeine. Try making it at home, or visit a local coffee shop. Most can create a green tea latte that will pack a day’s worth of natural energy.


Smoothies are an easy and delicious way to get nutrients without having to take vitamins or rely on man made products. Try adding a scoop of matcha powder to any smoothie and turn it into a fat burning power drink that will increase mental focus and acuity. The mild flavor of matcha will be undetectable when mixed with bold fruits, such as apples, peaches and strawberries.

Eliminate the health concerns associated with most caffeine laden drinks by making the switch to matcha powder. Not only is it all natural, but the delicious taste make it a perfect addition to any drink or baked good imaginable. Increase health and mental focus by trying match green tea powder today. There is nothing to lose, and only more energy and increased mental acuity to gain.

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