Diets are the worst kinds of fads. They go in and out of style, and never really improve the way people live. Healthy living is becoming a central component of American lifestyles. However, there are so many options out there that it is often difficult for people to find the right information or even a source that they can rely on. In truth the culture has been over-saturated by these diet plans that advise people to cut carbohydrates or cut out entire food groups from their eating habits.

Practicing healthier dietary decision making and researching what one eats is a great step towards eating better, but these diets have a lot of negative consequences as well. Diets stipulating what a person can or cannot eat while on the diet are doomed to failure. These diets help people shed pounds, but they simply are not a sustainable way of living. As soon as they resume eating the way that they have before they will see that the benefits disappear. It is easy for people to get discouraged if they have tried a few of these diets only to see all of their progress slip away time and again.

The root of the problem that these diets miss is that eating healthy is hard, because people have made it difficult for themselves. In the past two to three generations food processing has been driven by making meals convenient and easy at the cost of nutritional value. People who have eaten this way their entire lives face an almost insurmountable obstacle to improving their own health with modern dietary changes. Eating healthy has become expensive.

To fix this, companies like Hampton Creek have sought to change the system fundamentally by making food healthy and right. Their mission has been to make it so that people can start to eat healthier without having to make any alterations to their diet at all. Eating healthy should not be a chore or a sacrifice. The goal should be to make eating well cost friendly and effortless for everyone. Good nutrition should not have a price tag. Go here for more information or news about the food industry and this movement.

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