It is common at the end of a relationship to want things to go back to the good old days, but that could take a bit of work. An individual trying to reconcile with their spouse should try to veer away from Internet myths and gossip, as that type of information can be harmful to an already broken relationship. Many people think that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and that no contact with their ex-partner will heal wounds and make them forget any wrongdoing in the relationship. However, there are many reasons why the no contact rule simply does not work.

One popular myth is that not contacting an ex-boyfriend will make them miss their girlfriend even more. This can be seen as an illogical and an irresponsible way of thinking. Though males probably do miss their ex girlfriends, ignoring them isn’t going to get them to show this any differently. If the boyfriend does make the first move, it doesn’t mean that it’s a result of “no contact”, it could just mean that they want to evolve from this break in communication. If the goal is to regain a positive romantic relationship, it’s important to have an open line of civilized communication. Yet another myth that needs to be dispelled is that the ex will not move on during this no contact period, that is simply untrue. People will get tired of waiting, and even though they may still love their ex-partner, most will not be able to continue being subject to what many see as neglect and mistreatment. If an ex boyfriend is going out of his way to make contact, show him that it is wanted and appreciated, or risk losing them forever.

A person who has asked themselves why is the nc rule not working? Should try telling their ex-partner about their feelings. Telling an ex-boyfriend that feelings still exist isn’t showing weakness, it’s showing growth and the possibility for a continued relationship in the future. If feelings are still raw, simply say that now isn’t a good time but contact will be initiated in the future. A no contact rule prevents feelings from being out in the open, causing emotions to be bottled up inside and consequently achieving nothing. If there’s going to be any chance of resolving things and starting fresh, all problems need to be aired out between the two people in the relationship.

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