Social media is not just for keeping up with friends, sharing cute videos, and voicing opinions. It can be used to raise awareness of causes, medical conditions, and diseases. Many non-profit organizations, for example, have pages on Facebook, or Twitter. It is quick way to reach a multitude of people. Fund raisers, events, and information can be updated by page owners as frequently as they like. It is important to update often to keep people interested in the content and coming back to the page. Many organizations start with current information, but then forget to add new content. That tends to bore users, and can send them elsewhere for information.

Businesses also have pages on social media sites. They can advertise, launch new products, and place coupons on their pages. There are companies that specialize in social media advertising and management. If business owners lack the time a or knowledge to start, update, and maintain a page, they can hire a company to handle all that for them. They can focus on their business, and someone with experience can focus on social media campaigns, content, and traffic to the page. It is important to realize that a lot of business is conducted via social media, and getting people to “like” a page can increase revenue.

Social media is great for a home business owner or professional. Individuals can post pictures of their work, give details about services, and provide links to their business page from their personal page. Crafters, for example, can highlight the quilts they have for sale, or post pictures of their artwork. Individuals without a business can advertise on their page and earn extra income. There are also companies that offer free products to people who have a certain number of friends on their pages. A free product is given in exchange for a posting about the product on a social media site. That way, the business gets residual exposure for the product, and increases revenues without increasing advertising budgets. Individuals also use sites to find old friends with whom they lost contact, correspond with family members in other States or Countries, and meet new people.

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