There is a lot of stake placed in that first five minute session of talking with a girl. The body language can express far more than a guy would willingly admit. Eye contact can be overplayed and cause the girl to get her drink that was bought and move along. On that thought, the location of the approach is pivotal. A bar environment is completely different than, say, a library.

In all fairness, the approach may not even be random at all. It could be the initial handshake after a friend introduces the budding pair. There are so many ways to take that first tangible and significant five minutes. Fortunately, the Tao of Badass and the tao of badass reviews cover this topic in intimate detail. There are some major concerns, though, for a guy who has no experience talking to women.

A Man has to Earn Attraction

Those first few minutes are all about setting up the barometer of attraction. Naturally, good looking guys have an advantage, but an especially savvy guy can close that gap within a minute. The man needs to be assertive without being aggressive, which is something all men have heard since the beginning of time. What this means is specified below with some examples:

Look away when appropriate, like there are other things going on Read the body language; if she is leaning away, a man needs to lean away as well She needs to earn a drink by giving the man special attention and focus. This means no phone and no friend chatting.

What is so great about the Tao of Badass is that it is for all types of men looking for women. It is for the guy who is just looking for a little quick fun before settling into something permanent, but it is also for the guy looking for that long term commitment. There are virtues and values for every type of guy, and no one approach is more universally accepted over another, at least in the eyes of the writer. The ultimate goal is to get a guy comfortable winning over a woman and having the confidence to do it time and time again.

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